You want to use an XMPP messenger but you have not idea which app to choose. You can have a look at my XMPP table to get an idea of the features of each app. Just click on the picture to have a look at it.



This table focuses on messenger which use the open standard xmpp.org.

Why is messenger XY not included?

You can find a fantastic overview of XMPP messengers at xmpp.org. You can also find the compliance of the different messengers there. The selection in my XMPP messenger table focuses on messenger which provide some kind of basis functionality which I think is necessary to convince people to try an app.

Evaluation / Assessment

I selected the criteria in this table. If there are missing criterias or wrong information in this table, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Subjective assessment

The assessment in this table is subjective and is based on my experience when using those apps. Please do not simply rely on this table. Do not hesitate and try the apps by yourself.

The XMPP messenger table is created by XMPP24.de and based on the source code of the Messenger-Matrix and is therefore licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0-Lizenz.